Thousands of photos reside in your personal album collection and on your PC—maybe tens of thousands. That makes finding the right photo very hard. With some planning ahead photos may be placed into folders organized by some criteria, for example: by date. So, if you want pictures from the 1940 folder, you'll know where they are. 

Identifying people and significant aspects contained in the photographs is a challenging task. You will have to spend a lot of time and effort describing who is who and what is what in hundreds of documents.

Grouping photographs that meet a required criterion is also a challenge; one photograph may belong in more than one group. If you want to group all the pictures of aunt Daisy and create another group with pictures of cousin Jim, where do you place the pictures that contain both aunt Daisy and cousin Jim?

All the above efforts are limiting. If you want to find the best photos of specific family members and wish to add notations or corrections you will have to open a whole lot of folders.

As time goes by photographs remain dormant in albums, shoe boxes, cell phone and camera memories. Others are framed, hung on walls or placed on shelves and tables. Few contain sparse notations with names and places, the story about how grandfather met grandmother is now a vague memory. We fail to recognize who else is in the photograph, little or nothing is left of the signifying moments that led someone someday to stand behind the camera and capture the instant that all hoped would remain in the family history for many generations to come.
Picture Domino is an online software application used to organize, protect, preserve, share, research and maintain the histories, memories and life experiences contained in photographs, documents and letters for the enjoyment of friends and family.
Picture Domino (TM) Guardian of the family history (c)

The icon represents a vintage camera with images behind it, aligned like dominos.

Picture Domino is easy to instal, just create a folder called Picture_Domino and a sub-folder named images. Place the image files you want to start with and click here.