Charles and Clarence Fisk have planned, designed and tested Picture Domino since 2004. Clarence is a mechanical engineer with world wide experience; he has been responsible for large projects in China, Spain, Canada, Chile as well as the United States.

        His older brother Charles is a Software Developer who has worked for IBM as an executive as well as a software planning and development manager. Later Charles worked for USAA, a large insurance company as a Senior Actuarial Systems Analyst.

       The idea for Picture Domino began as a family project; the family has an extensive collection of documents and photographs going back over two hundred years. The ancestry has been dated back to the 14th century.   

      We invite you to look at some of the different projects that are being developed, and see for yourselves how much you can do with Picture Domino.

       The basic Picture Domino application will be mailed to you in a USB drive for free. All you need to do is click on the link below and we will immediately mail it to you.  The product has been tested extensively so we are confident and can guarantee that it will work for you.

       To get started all you need is a Windows computer running Internet Explorer.

        Do as Clarence and Charles, when a family member has a special anniversary coming up, they search and select all the stories that show corresponding important events, print, bind it into a book, and then give it as a present. The significance of such a gift is never forgotten!

        If you are interested in this product please click on the link below.




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